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Mm, endorphin high! Good workout at lunch today.

I'm still carrying a lot of extra weight from the three months I wasn't able to workout. I've gotten back into the swing of things, though, and I'm lifting weights without excessive pain or strain on my hips, so that should start to change.

I'm starting to be a little happier about the way I look again, which is nice; I've been quietly unhappy with my body for a few months now.

In case anyone is curious, my basic program is as follows:

M-W-F are weights days
Tu-Th are cardio days

Every workout starts with a 5 minute warm-up - usually either
cross-trainer or sitting in a low horse stance.

Then I do a full set of stretching, holding each stretch for 20 seconds
(anything less than 15 seconds is useless)

Weights days, I do about an hour of weight lifting, followed by 30 min of
lower impact cardio (usually cross-trainer) Each of my weight days
includes a set of ab exercises. (Monday is chest/triceps, Weds is
legs/shoulders, Fri is biceps/back)

Cardio days, I do 3-4 ten minute sets on various higher impact cardio
exercises (treadmill, exercise bike, kung fu forms, rowing machine, stair
climber), and then do enough cross-trainer to fill out an hour. I use the
cross-trainer a lot because it's easy on knees, hips, etc. but still burns
a lot of calories. I sort my cardio by impact level; kung fu and treadmill
first, because they're the hardest on my body, then I go gradually
easier. If I go the other way, I'm sore by the time I get to the hard
ones, and I either have to stop, or have a higher chance of injury.

When I have to be somewhere after work and don't want to be leaving the building around 7:00-7:30, I rush through a workout at lunch, like I did today; lunch time workouts are shorter, skipping cardio if I do weights, or only including 30 min of cardio if not; that's about as much as I can do while staying close to an hour's lunch break.

I usually eat a handful of almonds and a piece of fruit before I work out. On cardio days, I have a glass of milk afterwards. On weights days, I've been experimenting with a protein shake. I'm finding the food intake right afterwards, before I spend an hour driving home, is making a big difference; if I don't, I tend to be pretty light-headed and shakey when I get home, and then I am incredibly hungry.
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