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Weird dream this morning. I dreamt that my parents had divorced. My brother and I were going to visit my dad, who was living in a lowrise apartment building with an inexplicably large underground parking garage. The parking garage and the ahllways of the building were inhabited by large, angry rottweilers who did not take visitors kindly. We dodged the dogs and kept them out of the stairwells and made it Dad's apartment, which was small, cluttered and depressing. Also, the front door was either absent or didn't close, and one of the dogs kept trying to come in and growl at us. That part of the dream was pretty depressing and bleak. Dad's job was also pretty horrible, which I knew as part of the background of the dream.

In the next stage of the dream, Zil and I were waiting for a bus in a suburban neighbourhood. An old woman came up to wait for the bus at the same stop, but slipped and fell. Her left leg broke in multiple places, each break with an audible snap like dry wood. We called 911, and waited for the ambulance with her. She tried more than once to stand and walk away, each time falling down again. We saw busses of various descriptions go by, but no ambulance. Later, I realised that we were next to a fire dept. The firemen told us that we couldn't stand there because a truck needed to get out, and we were in the way. They lent us a stretcher to move the woman furhter down the street to continue to wait for the ambulance.

I woke up before my alarm, and wasn't that disappointed about it, given the mood of my dreams.
Tags: dreamtime

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