Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


Cursed 80s. I am trying to think of an outfit for Saturday's 80s party. My first thought was to just do 80s goth. If I am going to do that, however, I want to do it *right* and remove any anachronisms from the past 20 years of subculture. Clothing-wise, I can pull it off, but I get stuck when I get to hair. My short hair I could cover with a wig, but the bit I can't get past is the beard. I am *not* shaving off the beard again. I promised myself that I would not shave off any hair for Muffing Day this year.

Trim, maybe. A perusal of google images suggests that the most 80s look I could pull off without de-bearding would be something more like Wham!-era George Michael.

The horror.

Need more research.
Tags: 80s?, goth, less_androgynous_than_i_used_to_be

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