Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


Julie Czerneda's A Thousand Words for Stranger

A nice, fuzzy space opera with telepaths. Enjoyable, especially if you liked Anne Bishop's Dark Jewels books.

Paul Park's A Princess Of Roumania

I was wary of this book; the cover suggests it's yet another "teenaged girl gets transported to another world where she's a princess" book. And it is. However, Park, does a good job, bringing in almost Tim Powers levels of weirdness to it. I was very frustrated to discover that it's the first in a trilogy, and be unable to find book #2 in stores. The book's title references the Dorothy Parker poem, which also pleased me.

I am still waiting to read the last Harry Potter; it's serious book time, since I skipped ahead to finish the Czerneda Species Imperative series. I'm working through Guns, Germs and Steel - no Potterdamerung for me until I finish that.
Tags: booklog, julie czerneda, paul park

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