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Since I don't have time to write a freaking novel, November will be microfiction month. My aim is to write a microfic a day.

With a grinding squeal, the Carriage came to a shuddering halt. The massive man in the driver's seat stepped down to open the door when, with a cloud of steam and smoke, a hatch on the top of the Carriage burst open, and a slender man in tweed leapt out.

"Caw! Don't just stand there! Hand me a phase inverter and a bucket of water!" After a moment's thought, the large man gracelessly dropped a heavy toolchest on top of the Carriage. The smaller man rapidly selected and discarded a number of bizarre brass devices before choosing one and adjusting something. A loud moan and a cloud of blue gas erupted from a valve.

"Ha! That was the best run yet! We'll penetrate the Nox barrier yet! All I need to do is adjust the daemonic phase catalyser and boost the actuator's phlogistic acid mixture." He paused a moment before adding, "And perhaps tighten up the brakes a tad. Caw, would you mind pulling us back from that cliff face?"

The large man blinked, and removed his black tailcoat before heaving on the brass and iron Carriage.
Tags: creative_challenges, creative_projects, microfic, steampunk, stories
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