Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

NaMiFiWriMofo #2

When Michael discovered that he could fly, that he could lift buses and couldn't be hurt, his first thought, after "Cool!" was, naturally, to fight crime. A week or so of flying around looking for robberies and murders to foil to a stop to that - he could only cover so much ground at any given time. Eventually, he got fired after being caught sleeping at his desk.

He was mad. Mad, and broke. In the movies, this was the point at which he'd turn to a life of crime, using his powers for robbery and, inevitably, schemes designed to destroy the world. What he did, instead, was get a new job. He went to the government and showed them what he could do. Well, some of it, anyway. He offered to work for them doing disaster relief, peace-keeping and that sort of thing. No direct military work though - he didn't want to become the adminstration's newest weapon. In exchange, the government paid him well.

Life was good, for a while. He was comfortable, and he had time to do the things he found interested. He had time to see his family, and he found a nice girl to care for.

Then the War came. Michael never understood exactly why the government decided to fight, but, ultimately, he didn't care - it wasn't his responsibility, and he wasn't going to be involved. That was the deal. Then the man in the dark suit came to see him, with a folder full of pictures of his lover waiting for a bus, bying groceries, his mom at church. The man told him that if he didn't solve the government's problems Over There that those he cared about would soon find themselves decalred enemy combatants. His country needed him, and wouldn't take no for an answer.

Michael said that he understood, and saw the man to the door.

Michael waited a minute, then went outside. He flew directly to government's centre of power. Right to the Man in Charge.

"We had a deal," he said. "You tried to change it. Now we have a new deal. If anything happens to those I care about, I am going to come back here, and kill every single living person in this building. Starting with you. "

"You can't do that!" the Man cried, red-faced and rising to his feet. "What if someone else goes after them? How would you know who did it? Our Enemies will use you against us!"

"Maybe. I can't ever be sure who would be responsible if something happened. You'd better make damned sure nothing ever does, then, hadn't you? We both know you have the resources. I can't keep them safe. So you will. If you don't, there is nothing on this planet that can stop me from staining this hill red."
Tags: creative_challenges, creative_projects, microfic, stories

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