Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

MicroFic settings

As I write these microfic things, I'm realising that there are several distinct, connected settings that I'm writing in...

The name says it all, pretty much. The world of Mad Scientist and trans-dimensional adventurer Argus Wilverton and his massive but dim manservant Caw. (Caw created by corwin77). Also the world of airship engineer James Carver and phlogiston theorist Doctor Addison Gaveston.


Nano-Victorian Future:
A new one, but one I want to write in more. Posthuman warriors, nanotechnology and a neovictorian aesthetic in a world half-slid through apocalypse and half-way through as societal singularity.


The Dead Hobo Prophecies:
A world of weird, lovecraftian horrors and wacky nightmares.


Sad Reality:
Set in the real world, invariably focussed on people in depressing failed romances or similar bleak situations.


The Blood:
Based on a couple dreams I had a few years ago. An extrapolation of the Amber universe based on a single Amberite bloodline over centuries, with the end result being a sort of World of Darkness conspiracy/underworld sort of setting.


There are a bunch of them that aren't set in any specific place, but I'm obessive enough to want to categorize the ones where the ficton is specific.
Tags: categorization, creative_challenges, creative_projects, fictons, microfic, stories

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