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NaMiFiWriMoFo #15

corwin77 said I should write about robot bees.

The garden was a riot of bright colours, redolent with the frangrant aromas of flowers in full bloom. Lord C-'s country estate, Barrowman Hall, glittered in the early summer sun. Davyd adjusted the filters on his eyeshades and dialed up the ventilation on his frock coat. A soft chirp and a flickering icon alerted him that his co-conspirator had arrived. Davyd turned, and greeted X-, an employee of Lord C- who was more than zie seemed, as well as being a person in possesion of information Davyd sorely needed to complete several orders of business.

"Have you brought what we discussed?"

"I have it. It wasn't easy spooling it offline," X- replied.

"Necessary. Dataminers are too..." Davyd froze. He looked down at the flowers next to the path they stood on. Fat bees droned lazily over the blossoms. Davyd pulled a small brass device from a pocket in his waistcoat, and wound the clockwork mechanism on its back. With a glance at X-, he depressed a button on the top of the device. There was a barely perceptible tingle in the air, and a sudden silence as the bees dropped to the ground.

"I say! My system's gone down," X- exclaimed.

"Professor Wiggenbloom's Micromagnetic Storm Generator (tm)," said Davyd wryly. "Knocks out electronic devices, including wardrobe systems, comm studs, and spy drones." Davyd picked up one of the fallen bees and pulled it open with a pair of small tweezers. "We should be thankful that no one has managed to build a clockwork bee, as yet. Now, then, shall we finish our business before whoever sent these decides to follow up on the sudden silence?"
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