Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

NaMiFiWriMoFo #16

From olletho:

what can you do with a map, an ocelot, and something hidden in petticoats?

Constance folded the small sqaure of mempaper into a thick triangle. She fed the page to the clockwork and micro-actuated automaton in her hand. She used a key to wind the mouse's spring up tighly, then placed it on the floor and nudged it with the toe of her steel-capped boot. The mouse glanced about nervously, then ran out of the room through a gap by one of the pipes in the wall. She took a small pill from a meal tin, and swallowed it. She turned as the door finally collapsed inwards as the local constabulary rushed into the room. The chief inspectre strode forward.

"Hold her and scan her 'bank. We need to get our hands on those plans. Young lady," he said, making eye contact with Constance as the constables seized her arms, "The Crown will no longer tolerate the importunate meddling of your group of ridiculous anarchist radicals. "

Constance snarled as the probes her applied to her hard access port. "Too late, swine! The plans are delivered, and I've wiped them from my databank. You'll never figure it out in time! We will free the People!"

The inspectre waved a hand over the feed form the probe and frowned. "She's right, as far as it goes. Take her into custody gentlemen."

In a nearby alley, the mouse scurried determinedly through heaps of detritus, of both living and non-living varieties. Then, without warning, a sudden flash of yellow blurred from around the corner. Something like a housecat, but slightly larger and leopard-spotted held the mouse between its paws. The ocelot inclined its head, as if listening for something, then swallowed the mouse whole. It then trotted back out to the street.

A young woman with pale hair, pale skin, and pale green eyes strolled slowly down the street, glancing down and smiling sweetly as the ocelot twined itself around her ankles, purring as it did so. Without warning, the ocelot lept strait up into the petticoats of the woman's skirts. A strange, eldritch glow flickered on the ground below for but a moment.

The young woman clucked her tongue and shook her head sadly as he watched Constance being forced roughly into the police transport.
Tags: creative_challenges, creative_projects, microfic, nano-victorian_future, stories

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