Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

NaMiFiWriMoFo #22

Well, if I manage to post *8* of these today...

Cadfan yawned, and glanced out into the dark night. The moon was nearly new, and the autumn air was cool and still. The wood of the guard tower creaked softly. Cadfan turned and looked longingly at the distant watchtower. He'd drawn night watch duty this week, when the weather turned cold. His tower was small, and made of wood - the tower in the distance was stone. More importantly, the other tower was warm - it was big enough to hold a fireplace. Cadfan had a large brazier in his tower, but it sat unlit next to a covered tin of hot coals that provided insufficient heat. He couldn't have a fire - he needed his night vision to watch the trees for raiders, and the brazier was for a signal fire to alert the stone tower.

Cadfan turned back towards the forest and struggled to keep his eyes open. He started awake as the silence was broken by a loud cracking sound. His watchrock had popped. Cadfan had a small knack with sounds, and had charmed a rock to "pop" when something moved near it. Cadfan looked down, and stared directly into the lambent eyes of the gethlyn below. It was one of the smaller ones, with the slender horns curving back over its oddly patterned hair. Cadfan thought that he should light the signal fire. He found, though, that he couldn't move - couldn't take his eyes away from the burning green of the creature on the ground. Cadfan thought that perhaps he would lie down, instead, and sleep.
Tags: creative_challenges, creative_projects, microfic, neren, stories

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