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I asked for, and recieved, lots of gift certificates for Grumpmas this year.

I had some of the stuff sent to work instead of home for those things I figured had no chance of showing up before monday (none of it did).

Surprisingly, my ThinkGeek order showed up this week, which was sooner than expected. It came with a $31.95 customs charge, which wasn't too unexpected. However, on closer inspection, the customs charge was not for my moon jar, but for the hoody I ordered. Which wasn't in the box.

And, accordingly, the packing slip inside the box has the hoody crossed out. The one DHL got, though, was not so altered, hence the customs charge. I have complained - we will see if they pass the buck on to DHL. I'm not looking forward to having to pay the customs charge *again* when the hoody ships.

On the plus side, the moon jar is awesome. Best case scenario, they'll give me the $30 in store credit and I'll order a matching sun jar.
Tags: customs, grumpmas, moonjar

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