Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


I am officially sick and tired of being sick and tired. I only seem to have enough juice to make it through 50-60% of a day at this point. I have little brain, and have become extremely flakey, missing phone calls and e-mails as I wander about in a daze.

Even with the e-mail from my mother, and a reminder from my phone and e-mail, I mamaged to not call my brother to wish him a happy birthday yesterday. I am the worst non-abusive family person evar.

  • Call brother

  • Get passport photo taken

  • Mail passport renewal application

  • Book ACUS hotel room

  • Find out what scheduled maintenance the car needs, and book an appt to get it done

  • Respond to the many e-mails I have flaked out on responding to

  • Figure out if I can afford to replace the dead desktop at home

  • Collect sewing pattern requirements

  • Pay bills

  • Make more physio appointments

  • Book followup with orthopedist

  • Get receipts for physio/RMT and file with insurance co

  • Go get ebay clothes from the post office

  • See if I can convince pharmacy to call new doc about old prescriptions

  • Get humidifier filter

  • Get fabric for both belts, hakama, wrap pants, sash, cravats

  • Get grommets, snaps, d-rings

  • Get socket wrench set, respirator, soldering iron

  • Replace mixer

  • Take bodyproject measurements and pics

  • Find pants

  • ...

  • profit?

Tags: ick, to_doom, whine

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