Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

And in my copious free time...

Anyone interested in starting up a diceless tabletop RPG with me? I've got an idea for some potential plots. I'd be using something vaguely like the Amber system. Specifically, though, I'm not going to tell the players the mechanics behind thier characters; tell me your character concept, and what you want to be good at, and any possible drawbacks, and I'll work out the mechanics, and give you back a list of things you know you're good at, and powers you know you can use. Advancement will be handled in an Amber DRPG style - you'll tell me what things you want to get better at, and I'll see what you can afford. You'll find out if you can do new things when you try to do them.

I'd be looking to run a game in either the Neren/Caecern setting or the Nano-Victorian future. Games would be run in Toronto roughly monthly, most likely on sundays as time allowed.

Anyone interested? If people are, and have an interest in either setting, I can break down some archetypes for character ideas.
Tags: gamenerd, nano-victorian_future, neren
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