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Holy crap. It's only 9:30 and I don't have anything I neeeed to be doing. I... don't know what to do with myself! (gimme a minute, I'll think of something. Maybe write some microfic or watch some Dexter.)

I worked from home both yesterday and today. Yesterday I just decided that with the snow on the ground and the forecasted doom, home was the best choice. This morning, I had a dentist's appointment, and felt a little guilty about staying home yesterday, so I figured I'd try to drive in. My street didn't get plowed until about 4 this afternoon, so getting out at 9:30 was interesting; thankfully my civic is a little hockey puck and can sort of slide over the snow with a little coaxing.

I made it as far as Keele on the 401 (which was sticky and slippery), when traffic reports informed me that the 401 all the way to work was slow and filled with accidents and blocked lanes. I gave up and turned around. It took me until 11 to get home. I got back to my street, and there was a station wagon trying to get up the street as I was trying to get down it, with an SUV behind him.

I stopped and grabbed the shovel from my trunk to help the station wagon - I wasn't getting past until he got unstuck anyway. After some digging and pushing, we managed to get him back into the driveway for his building - he gave up on trying to get out onto the main street. The SUV driver, of course, just kept rolling up closer and closer on the station wagon, including trying to drive on the sidewalk to get around the station wagon. He had a bad back and said he couldn't help push, but he'd be glad to shove the station wagon with his SUV. The station wagon driver declined.

Once I got home, I decided that I couldn't do anything else until I made myself a pot of dagoba hot chocolate, according to the directions on the tin (heat milk slowly, stirring eleven times clockwise, the eleven times counterclockwise, until vapours begin to form...)

In retrospect, I should have just stayed home in the first place. We shall see if I catch flak for it at work tomorrow.
Tags: doomed, suv drivers suck, traffic, weather, work

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