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I'm in a good mood about the bodyproject today. I'm in my fourth week of recovery training (working at half my old weight), and next week, will start building up weight again slowly. Tuesday's cardio went well - not up to my old standards yet, but better than last week, and I made it through a full hour.

I had a physio session tonight, and I'm pleased with how that went as well. The physiotherapist seems willing to work with me, and listen to me. Essentially, I'm getting the expert opinion on training that I have always wanted from the personal trainers I've seen at various gyms. Even when I've been paying them, the gym's trainers have never taken me seriously - I get the standard cookie cutter program they give everyone else, and they don't watch my form when working with me, nor do they give useful clarification when I ask for help getting the form right. If I'm not willing to pay to have them work with me every session, I'm not worth talking to.

The physio stuff I've been putting into practise has helped considerably, and I now have additional stuff to integrate into my workouts that should help further. I'm pretty optimistic.

I doubt that the work I've been doing is showing noticeably in my shape or appearance yet, but I'm feeling better about my body, and feeling more capable.
Tags: bodyproject, physiotherapy, shapes_other_than_round_or_pear

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