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Time to clean out the tabs.

How to invent an alien language

I love the title graphic

Dalek porn NSFW!

Creepy dog robot

The part where they kick it to show how it can right itself is especially unsettling. Some day, robots will use this video as part of their argument for annihilating humanity.

365 Masks

A new mask every day

Skull a day

This guy makes amazing skulls, one each day. I am in awe.

Infra-red headlamp throws off cctv cameras

ZOMG steel corset!

Not steel boned, actually made out of steel.

Doctor Who, revolutionary, or tool of the man?

Why All Female Superheroes Look the Same

The women are all underweight, despite being very active, which should result in extra muscle mass, even if they don't have any body fat outside of their boobs. The men have healthy BMIs, though obviously with lower than normal body fat percentages.


I couldn't actually find a useful link for this. The Sante wine festival is on May 10th. For $20, you get to spend the afternoon roaming Yorkville, and people will give you wine and bits of food. I've done this a couple times now, and it is a blast. Good wine, and a lot of fun. Highlights of the circuit include artisinal cheeses at the cookbook store, drinking wine and eating chocolate dipped fruit at Lovecraft (a sex store).

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