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This has been a weekend of nothing... which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've been needing some nothing.

I've managed to get several projects a little bit more started; my vague web project, which I'm hoping to wrap into the CoU and Labyrinth pages at some point; some more work on the resume has been done; my July AmberTrumps contributions are almost done.

By the time I'd finished the head on Biral, Sir Beros woke up in my head, and was spoiling for a fight. Zil just thinks he looks like Wolverine. Quaid ended up being "Brand, when he was 15 and wearing his bathrobe in Arden, pretending to be a wizard".

The Cry of the Unicorn auction seems to have stopped dead; I haven't had anything since friday night. I know some people aren't around this weekend, so hopefully things will pick up again.

There are a number of other things I want to start before tomorrow is done; I need to patch some pants, since I find myself, yet again in the position of having no pants with an intact crotch, save those with existing patches. There are various terrible and bizarre things I'd like to do to some of the computers around here. I should probably scrub the kitchen floor, especially if that was the last of the mice last night. That's six we've killed so far.

I'm not really sure how I feel about having to kill all those mice. I mean, we don't really have much choice; they can't stay here eating our food and leaving potentially disease-laden poop everywhere, especially in the food they don't eat. I doubt catching them, then releasing them would do any good eihter; I can think of half a dozen ways for a mouse to slip back into our place easily, and I'm not a mouse. However, I don't like killing simply because it's convenient. It doesn't seem right to kill with traps; I feel as if I should, at least, be willing to face the mouse, and look it in the eye, and kill it with my own hands, if I feel I need to kill it.

However, convenience and practicality win out again. It's the same with meat, really. I think I'd feel better about the meat I eat if I killed and butchered the animals I ate, but it's not really practical.

It's times like this that I get tempted by paganism. I don't trust the doors that would open inside me, though.

That was much longer than intended. I should probaly go to sleep now.

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