Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

hand update and dreamtime

Hand *not* broken, thankfully. It still hurts, but it should heal fine on its own - I only have to worry about the present pain, and not the hand being messed up for years to come.

I dreamt that I was on a date with one of my lovers. We'd been *ahem* for a while, and I went to reach for a condom. At that point, the lover got up to go to the bathroom or something. It turned out that her partner was home, and thought that we were done, and so came into the room, resulting in a slightly embarassing and awkward moment. I grabbed a bath robe.

Everyone got dressed, and there was a dinner with the partner's family. This grew quickly from a large table indoors to a big outdoor picnic type thing, and a lot of my friends and lovers were there.

The gathering then shifted gears again, as we climbed into out boats and rafts and set off on a caravan. The boats were sailing along a dry dirt path, though there was water (both pools of stagnant water and a stream) next to the path. I was standing at the front of the lead boat, occasionally pushing/rowing with a pole/oar. The atmosphere of party remained, and people were hopping from boat to boat.

The dominant colour pallete was green and browns - there were a lot of trees along the path, full of bright leaves, the canopy thick enough to give healthy greenish tint to the bright sunlight.
Tags: dreamtime, medical, update

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