Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Sleep hates me, and dreamtime

I keep waking up around 4 am, then spending the remainder of the morning tossing and turning until my alarm goes off. Not quality sleep. It does make me more likely to remember dreams, though.

I was in high school, but a much bigger and more complicated high school than the one I went to. It might even have been university.

I had been given an assignment to prepare a speech, and had started my research. I had a single sheet of paper with some scrawled notes on it. There was some sort of assembly or awards ceremony, and the guy in charge started calling out names to come up and deliver thier speeches. My name was first. Stupid alphabet. I stumbled and stammered through my speech, whihch was only 3 minutes when it should have been longer. Every time I let an "um" or "uhhh" slip, I chastised myself silently - Barak Obama never seems to let ums and ahhs break up his speech, which is part of why he's such a compelling speaker. (This was my thought inside the dream).

Later, I came back to the hall, now empty, and saw the stack of marked papers that were the grades for our speeches. I got 3%, but a number of other students had similarly low marks - I wasn't the only one to do so poorly. A few people did quite well, though, so there would be no curve. I was upset, but I didn't think it would cause me to fail the course.

There were a few scenes of walking through the hallways of the school from a second or third floor, looking down on other students walking around. I walked past a girl dressed in black with a lot of tattoos, and gave her a Look, but realised that I must look like some boring normal old guy to her, since I was wearing a white shirt with various other bits of black clothing (vest, pants, shoes, etc.).

I can't recall what happened next in the dream - I had it when I woke up, but lost it in the shower. I know there was somethign involving two hawks, and a sandwich shop.
Tags: dreamtime, sleep_hates_me

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