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A pair of ravens (yes, those ravens), on my back. In the lower left, about where the kidney is, a raven sitting pointing left, looking over its shoulder towards my spine. On the right shoulder blade, a raven in flight, heading away from my spine.

Moon and Stars

I have an icon with the design for this one in it. A moon, white crescent with the rest of the disk filled with dark blue, surrounded by a ring with a star at each cardinal point. I want one on each wrist to balance out the suns on my shoulders. Ideally, about loonie to twonie size, so a watch band/leather cuff would mostly cover it.

Techno-organic tree

A tribute to both my paganish tendencies, and my technie side. A tree made entirely of interwoven steel cables, including root structure with a dragon/serpent coiled in the roots of the tree. The basic aesthetic of the tree is a sort of "magic" abstraction of a tree as I've been drawing them since grade school. This will take a very long time, and will be very expensive. I may spend my retirement years getting this tattoo.

Forearm interfaces

a set of terminals enclosing a stream of binary code, going from dark to light on the insides of the forearms.

Seven pointed star

in the centre of my chest, a seven pointed star in a circle(a septagram) with a small glyph at each point, each representing a basical magical principle.

Anniversary Mark

A combination of my thorn-crowned sun and Lizard's Hecate spirals. A dark blue disk with a sort of interference pattern generated from two points in the disc, in black lines outlined in light blue. Outside the disc, a ring of thorns. Seven long points stick out of the thorns as in my image, but additionally eight shorter point stick out between the longer ones, with two at the top. This will be to commemorate ten years together for Liz and I (our tenth will be in September. there might be a party)

As it stands, of course, I only have two tattoos, a sun on each shoulder. I have leads on new artists, so I suppsoed I should start booking sessions...

I always sit on an image for at least a year before I consider getting it done. More than half of these have been finalized in my head for considerably longer than that.
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