Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

bodyproject update

On the plus side: things are coming together. Weight lifting is working - I'm increasing weights again and I'm starting to see visible improvements. Cardio has been slower to get going again, and I'm still fairly frustrated that I haven't got my endurance back yet. Still, I'm making it 4-5 nights a week now, so things are going in the right direction. I'm starting to try to get my eating habits back into something approaching healthy.

On the down side, I've managed to put weight on. Some of it may be muscle, but I doubt all of it is. I'm all the way up to 215 now, which is a fairly depressing number when I had managed to slide from 210 to 205 a while back. I'm really not doing a good job of keeping the sweet tooth in check. I need to figure out how to not eat cakes and cookies and things just because they're in the apartment.

Also, while the gym workouts are regular, they are completely wiping me out. Part of not having my endurance back yet is that, after my workout, I have just enough juice to get me home. If I have to make any stops on the way, like hitting the grocery store, or if I'm cooking, I'm out of juice and have to run on power reserves as my blood sugar plummets and I start to get shaky and stupid. As the extra pounds start to come off and I get back some of my endurance, this should be ameliorated somewhat. Part, I think, of why I'm having such a hard time curbing the sweet tooth is that when I get home and am in blood sugar freefall, having cake/pie/whatever sitting out just seems like the fastest way to balance myself back out until I can get some real food ready.
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