Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

The Revenge of the Top Five Meme

Reply to this post and I will (eventually) respond with something for you to post your top five or ten of.

nuadha_prime asked for my Top Five Goth Bands.

Old; Joy Division technically pre-dates goth, and SoM, Bauhaus and The Cure have all stated that they aren't and never were goth. Which is sooooo goth.

  1. The Sisters of Mercy

  2. The Cure

  3. Alien Sex Fiend

  4. Bauhaus

  5. Joy Division

New; The line between goth and EBM/"cyber" has gotten pretty blurry...

  1. The Birthday Massacre

  2. Abney Park (steampunk darlings, yes, but they sound like a goth band to me)

  3. Ayria

  4. Bella Morte (blurring over into punk/nu-metal, but they wearenough eyeliner to rank as goth in my book)

  5. The Cruxshadows

And a special award goes to The Swans for being the most bleakly depressing band of all time.
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