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Woo! That was a proper Pride. I walked. A lot. Paid my pride tax in the form of a rainbow chain mail bracelet and a slim utility belt. Have a bit of a tan, including tan lines where my bracelets covered. Watched bands, and drag queens, grabbed food at Zelda's, and danced at the Barn. Then went at marched on four hours sleep. Feet hurt, thighs chafed. Bad leg not ready to forgive all the walking and dancing in the street.

Today, went and got some overdue bloodwork done, and took the car in for expensive scheduled service. Did laundry and had to go to four different banks to find someone who would exchange cash for change (CIBC was out of change, TD wouldn't do it without me having an account there, and RBC had a huge line. It took me half an hour to get change). I had planned to go to the gym and lift today, but then I remembered that lifting weights the same day as getting eight vials of blood taken is a bad idea, so today is a Pride recovery day, and tomorrow will be playing catchup.

We'd be going to a movie right now except that I need to be available to go get the car when it's done.
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