Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Up too late

I should be in bed.

I am waiting for the "nooooooo!" scene in Revenge of the Sith to come up on Spike before bed.

Yesterday, I worked for 16 hours. I was not on-call, but got called anyway. Today, there were many meetings, and caffeine. If this continues, I will have to force my manager to promote me and give me another raise to compensate me for being effectively on-call all the freaking time.. Also, I should quit. Anyway.

Today was the 2nd week in a row of having Body combat class at the gym, with only one other attendee besides the instructor and myself. It's good for me to have someone else push me, especially when work keeps ruining workout nights. I hit the happy endorphin place today.

We've got a chest freezer now, and keep buying cheap local produce to freeze for the winter. My Evil Corporate Masters have boxes of peppers on for $8 right now. I bought two. I should stop buying stuff soon.

Apparently, I am in a good mood, and reading Lj and FB keeps giving me squishy compersion feelings. Y'all are so cute!

Did I mention I that I should be in bed?
Tags: bodyproject, caffeine_is_bad_for_me, d00m, get_me_out_of_here, lovers, martial_arts, poly, too_old_for_this_shit, why_are_you_reading_these?, z?

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