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Ask questions here.

Do you ever have random jealousy? If so, how do you cope with it?

I occasionally get jealous, but it's very rarely random. There's usually a reason.

Have you ever been dumped due to a change in life circumstances?

Does "I was behaving like an idiot" count as a change in life cicumstances? While life circumstances have been factors in breakups, I don't think any of them were due to those circumstances changing - more often something like "I thought we could work with X going on, but it's not working."

How long does it take you to recover from a breakup?

I've had a couple minor breakups from relationships that weren't too serious. The big one, though, took me a good six months, at least, before I could go for a day without moping about it. And that was in what were pretty nearly ideal conditions.
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