Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

An idea

I've an idea for an experiment.

You see, I love superhero comics. And yet, most of them are terrible. I gave up on ever being able to make good comics myself a long time ago, but I still get Ideas.

Inspired by Project Rooftop, my idea is this - give me an idea for a superhero, and I'll try to come up with a costume design. Anyone who wants to is welcome to join in and upstage me with their own design, too, of course.

My rough idea is that I want superhero outfits that are heroic, and, well, superhero outfits, and yet, are practical and realistic to an extent. No gravity women fighting crime in high heels and spandex without so much as a sports bra (especially with the inevitable comic book large breasts). Real bodies - Cyclops is often referred to as "Slim Summers", but most artists have him drawn nearly as muscley as Colossus. Don't get me started on how Magneto keeps those pulsating pectorals in his 70s.

So, give me ideas for a hero. Let's start with a woman, since women tend to end up badly in comics, and don't always get the most reasonable outfits, even if the writer tries.

Name? Powers? Origin story? There's no reason to put the character in the DC or Marvel universe. Throw me ideas!

And hey, if this works out, maybe I'll have more ammunition for my November microfics.
Tags: creative_challenges, creative_projects, hero workshop

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