Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Letter meme

StB lived up to his name and gave me "Q"

If you want a letter, leave a comment, I'll reply and leave you a letter that you must then list 10 things you love that start with that letter, post the whole thing (your list, not mine) in your own journal.

  1. Quinine. What gives a gin and tonic it's bitterness. And makes it glow under black light.

  2. Queers.

  3. Quantum Mechanics. Because of all the geek humour it spawned.

  4. Quad rock. Because it's easier to build cities.

  5. Quills. Great movie.

  6. Queens of England. I could have taken the easy route and listed my favourites one by one, but that seemed like cheating.

  7. Quirts.

  8. Quetzalcoatl, because who doesn't love a rainbow serpent?

  9. Quarters, especially the kind with the spy chip on them.

  10. Quack. The sound of ducks. And questionable medical practitioners.

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