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end of an era


Squeezing my old fat hairy self into my goth gear. Drinking absinthe, putting on eye-liner and boots for one last hurrah. Savage Garden is closing tonight. From tomorrow on, I'll no longer be able to count on going to Queen West on a Saturday night and being able to find music I want to dance to.

It's been in decline for over a year, and its clear that the fix is in for Queen West as an area for clubs and weird clothes. I wonder if this is how folks like William Gibson felt when Yorkville turned into the Yuppie Preserve it is today.

I am just hoping the next bohemian neighbourhood in Toronto is actually, y'know, in the city. I'd hate to have to drive to Mississauga to go dancing.

I feel really old.
Tags: d00m, dancing, gentrification, goth, old
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