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Think you're geeky? Well, I think it's likely that I am geekier.

Saturday morning found me sitting in my bathrobe, working out a normalized table layout to keep track of roleplaying characters.

And wondering what the best way to build a web interface to that database would be.

I'm astonished how useful all that database theory I learned in school is; I've got 1:1 relationships, 1:n relationships, and powers have ended up being m:n relationships.

I don't usually make such full use of my education at work, which is, perhaps frightening.



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Jul. 13th, 2002 12:13 pm (UTC)
I spent a good deal of time on my character tracker/comparer/advancer that I made for my pbem game.

And I also spent a good deal of time making my random character generator for Mage. Although now that it works, I'm not finding much motivation for perfecting it. Maybe when I have Episode II ready I'll feel more pressure to do so.

That you use your education more fully at home is actually a good thing. It means that you enjoyed your education, and took courses that you actually enjoyed the content of. Very few real world jobs will require you to use all the things you learned, but if you like them, you'll find cause to use them anyways.

But you still have competition for geekiest-of-all. A good deal of it, I would suspect.
Jul. 15th, 2002 02:54 pm (UTC)
You guys...

Call me old-fashioned, but a piece a paper, and a pencil with an eraser do the job for me.

n:m relationships?!

You better have a good plot-related reason, man. That, too me, is even geekier than a random character generator. If only because Kalivor uses it for evil.
Jul. 15th, 2002 07:33 pm (UTC)
Plot-related reason?

It's all about utility, man! How long does it take to rework the rankings when you have advancements, and new NPCs?

I want to be able to say "give me all the chaosian PCs who can create black channels, sorted by endurance." and generate a list. I want to be able to generate multiple views to the same data.

When this is attached to a web front end, I'll be able to maintain my data wherever I am.

Which means less delay betwen mails once things gain momentum.

So, really, I'm doing all this for you!

Also, it gives me another thing to put on the resume/talk about in interviews; this may end up being more complicated than the stuff I do at work, not to mention more interesting and more rewarding.

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