Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


Weird dream this morning. I was in college. My professor looked like (but was not) Richard Dawkins. It was some sort of math class, and I was struggling to keep up. This was made more difficult by my sudden lapses into what, in the dream, I labelled as "fugue states". I kept suddenly coming to with the dream world having changed around me, as if I'd been asleep. there was no sensation of being tired or drifting off, however - I'd be sitting there, trying to work/listen, then suddenly everything had changed. I just blanked out on the intervening time.

Which doesn't explain the other weird feature of the fugue states in the dream - I kept losing my clothes. I'd wake up, having missed a chunk of lecture (or worse, my class having finished, and another started), and find myself naked and unable to find my clothes. Then it would happen again, and I'd be dressed. The clothes weren't always the same ones.

I was very concerned that I was missing chunks of the math lecture, since I'd already screwed up another course by forgetting to go to that class, so I was now hosed in two courses. I was also concerned that I had somehow caused myself irrepairable brain damage.

The overriding theme in the dream was loss of control.

I blame the dream for the miserable mood that I have been in all morning.
Tags: dreamtime, whine

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