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ACUS update

right off the top, thank you to all the GMs, and all my players for making the con excellent.

  1. Agents of the Argent Rose by Arref. The Hindu Pantheon invades Paris! Somehow I'd never picked up on the Shiva-Dr. Manhatten connection before. Lions were tamed, and a peacock was eaten. Arref delivered the strange and awesome as always.

  2. The Nano-victorian Future First of the games I ran. Cyborgs were slaughtered by plasma torch and tooth and claw. Children were saved, and a wealthy airship racer may be starting a new career soon. I think this game went pretty well, though I think I need to refine how Influence works.

  3. New Blood, my other game. This didn't go nearly as well. I hadn't worked out the details of the world nearly as well as I thought I had, so some of the elements of the world sort of fell apart as soon as the players poked them. The chargen rules will need tweaking if I want to run something like this again, too - as G. pointed out, having everyone start with Amber stats encourages everyone to try to *keep* Amber stats, rather than selling down. Phrasing it as "you have 115 point, and all atrributes start at Human" is more likely to result in something like what I am looking for. The game wasn't a total failure, but it wasn't as good as it could have been.

  4. Brave New Apokolips by nuadha_prime. New Gods! Mutants! Kirby dots! Doom! I played Sebastian Shaw in this Elseworld game. My favourite moment for Shaw: "Summers, no!" (pushes Cyclops into harm's way).

  5. Chronicles of the Cobalt Charter by Arref. I love this game. One of the things that makes Arref such a good GM for me is the way he manages to work in the little failures. If, as a player, I never fail, then my successes start to lose meaning. The Cobalt Charter games really have a strong feel of people in over thier heads and just *barely* manage to get away with success.

  6. In a Wicked Amber. mcroft and immlass had signed up to run this game, but weren't able to make it. Thankfully one of the players stepped in to take over the GMing task. The game was a modified version of In A Wicked Age. This was my biggest surprise of the con. The game system really squarely hit some of my major gaming kinks. Roughly speaking, the system shifts the focus on to drama and story telling, and abandons the use of rules for simulation entirely. There are dice involved, but the rules tell you who gets to decide what happens without dictating what that is. I am defintely going to be getting a copy for myself. Many thanks to mcroft and immlass for thier brilliant idea, to B. for stepping in to run the game, and my fellow players for working together to make a great story.

  7. Justice Legion Militia by JS. I really love both the setting JS has created for this game, and the way he runs a game. I got to play Pandemonium, a powerful villain who has been captured and put to work for the good guys. Still entirely evil, and speaks in a voice like Cobra Commander. "PANDEMONIUM VOTES FOR ANNIHILATION. AND ALSO MORE FREEZER BURRITOS."

  8. Dudesical by corwin77 Dude. With singing. It got very drunk out. There was a sneak attack with gin on a nearby game.

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