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9. Coyote Kings of the Space Age Bachelor Pad by Minister Faust

Take one part Tim Powers, one part Kevin Smith three parts just plain awesome, and you have Minister Faust. Why haven't you read this book already? There is plenty of fanboy/geek fodder, weird stuff, relationships, egregious displays of writer-craft, and it's all wrapped up in one enjoyable hell-of-a-ride. This book is good enough that it made me want to hang out in Edmonton.

10. ßehemoth by Peter Watts (ebook)

The last of the rifter books. The last book heaps yet more damage and horror on everyone before bringing things to a satisfying conclusion. On the whole, I do believe that Watts is significantly more of a pessimist than I am. I still enjoyed the series, and will read more Watts as it comes out.

11. The Court of the Air by Stephen Hunt

Like China Mieville if he were more of an optimist. I mean, only a *bit* more. Also, more pulpy, and more steampunky. Magic, steam-powered robot men, airships, political commentary and a few refreshing variations from the classic fantasy/hollywood story elements.

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