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weekend report


Work was hell. From 11am to 5:30pm, things kept exploding. Chaos constrained for the moment, I fled, and made it to Takara for sushi with mspiggyoncrack, night__watch and neeuqdrazil. We got the sushi boat. It sunk us.

Then back to our place, for a normal night of drinking, swinging (no, not that kind!) and watching weird things on the Internet.

Saturday, I woke up earlier than I had really wanted to, but lizard's alarm went off four times, and I thought that meant I was supposed to get up, so I did. I wrote a lackluster yog journal while everyone else slept, and posted Kalivor's.

Then, star wars cereal, and a mad dash on crowded transit to Hamilton, followed by a mad dash to Stoney Creek.

Then, labyrinthing was had, along with goofing around in the pool.

I ended up slightly tanned. This disturbs me.


After crashing at ThunderDome, Zil went on her way home, and Night__watch and I got ready for Renn Fest. We eventually made it there. The weather was kind enough to cool down a bit, so I didn't die in my heavy black garb.

We watched more of the shows than I usually do. There was ale, mead and turkey leg to be had.

I bought my annual sharp things, and from a different booth than usual. The place I bought from this time around has better service, better prices, and better quality, but poorer variety than the other place.

I now have a paired set of sharp, stainless steel short swords, and a couple sharp, stainless steel knives.

I'm happy with my purchases.


I'm very tired, have a headache, and want bed. I just ate a dinner of cold carrot soup, and a brie-smoked-turkey-apple sandwich. I'm not too sold on the apple-in-sandwich idea. Interesting mix, though.

I now need to make myself go to kung fu. I will try to think about my new swords, and getting myself to the point where I can learn a form that might work with them.

And not how nice curling up on the couch with lizard would be, and just falling asleep.


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