Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Nano-Victorian scheduling

First, a reminder; the next Nano-Victorian Future session is Sunday September 13th.

Next, advancement; I have been convinced that advancement should be higher. So, every session everyone gets 2 points, even if they don't attend. There have been three sessions, so every one gets 6 points. In addition, if one does contributions in between sessions, one gets a point for each media. So, if you do five drawings (or one), that is one point. If you also do an in character journal, a campaign log or a wiki entry, you get another.

sabotabby's art contributions have been added to the wiki, so a number of characters now have portraits.

Finally, planning for future sessions:

I am proposing October 4th and November 22nd for game sessions, again starting around 2. Does that work for folks?
Tags: god_save_the_queen, nano-victorian_future, planning
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