Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Good Things

I feel like crap today, but I had a hell of a good weekend.

  • Spent Friday night seeing Inglorious Basterds with neeuqdrazil. Very fun movie.

  • Repaired the Sith robe Saturday

  • Dark Raved Saturday night

  • Celebrated my two year anniversary with mycrazyhair Sunday (technically our anniversary is today) with an evening that included great food and board games.

  • Got to see a lot of great people yesterday while relaxing on the beach

  • Came home to Stich and Bitch where the wonderful neeuqdrazil had made an awesome dinner and dessert.

  • neeuqdrazil let me take her keys so that I can get into the appt when I get home tonight

Tags: anniversary, three_good_things

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