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playlist challenge

New thing of the indeterminate time period; Playlist Challenge!

Wherein I come up with a theme, and provide ten tracks on that theme. Then you respond with ten of your own on-theme, in my journal, your journal, where ever.

This time on Playlist challenge, the theme is: science fiction. So, ten tracks on the theme of science fiction.

This memish thing is inspired by the WorldCon panel Playlists where four panel members came up with their own ten spec fic tracks and played them with commentary for the audience.

  1. Voltaire, Sexy Data Tango. Voltaire has a lot of geek stuff in his repertoire, but this track from his album Banned on Vulcan is a classic.

  2. S.P.O.C.K, All The Children Shall Lead. (Couldn't find a YouTube link for this one). "Star Pilot On Channel K" made science fiction stuff their bread and butter. With tracks like "The Dark Side of the Force" and "Romulan Ale", they get pretty blunt about it. But I think this track, about a generation ship bound for some new world, really gets further into the themes of SF more than more obvious tracks.their

  3. Evil's Toy, Colours Out Of Space. Straight out of Lovecraft.
    Listen here.

  4. Abney Park, Airship Pirate. The self-proclaimed Steampunk band. How many bands have designed their own Zeppelin?

  5. Rotersand, Exterminate Annihilate Destroy. The only Dalek Industrial track in my collection.

  6. Nick Cave and the Dirty Three, Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Riverentum. You could argue that this is more fantasy or something else. I think it belongs here.

  7. Icon of Coil, Simulated. A song from the point of view of the machines in the Matrix, more or less.

  8. Rasputina, Trust all Stars (no link found). "Missions are fine, but piece of mind/Won't come from a boyfriend who lies all the time."

  9. Hanzul und Gretyl, S.S. Deathstar Supergalactik. Parodic Industrial Metal Space Nazis.

  10. Jonathan Coulton, The Future Soon. So many Coulton songs to pick, but I wanted a warrior robot race.

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