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I knew the soles of the combat boots I bought in March were getting a little worn. I discovered, while walking in a rain storm Saturday, that the heel had pretty much collapsed in on itself. It seems to me that combats should last more than six months - these boots hadn't even met winter yet. Now I must find time to make a trip to a shoe repair place and get new soles put on. There's no budget for a new pairs of combats right now.

Until then, I will be rotating through other boots that I can sell as worksafe. Today, it's the pointy-toed skull buckle boots. They're fairly comfortable, if slow to put on and take off. The heel on these boots approximates the angle of my orthotics, which I can't wear with them.

The pointy-toed boots added to the leather hat and the long black coat today make me feel all Deadwoody. I feel a sudden craving for a big moustache.
Tags: boots, fashion, whine

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