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Medical discovery: I know get why advil cold and sinus is so much more expensive in liquigel than pill. The pill form has a mild effect that stays for 8-12 hours (on me). The liquigel last four hours, but for those four hours, I feel GREAT!!!!!eleventy-one! By which I mean, I feel the stimulant effect much more strongly.

It makes sense - the pill slowly dissovles in the stomach releasing the advil and pseudoephedrine over time, while the liquigel pretty much drops the whole load once the capsule breaks in the stomach.

It's significant for me, because often 8-12 hours after taking something for sinus/breathing issues, I want to be able to *sleep*, and if the pseudoephedrine hasn't worn off yet, sleep doesn't happen unless I add in more drugs (night time cold + sinus, benedryl, gravol, tequila, etc.)

Good to know, anyway.
Tags: medical, surprise!

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