Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

one of the annoying things about the problems caused by my upgrade today is that due to window maanger issues, I am having problems with window focus, so I keep typing a page or two of info, then realizing thatit's going no where. so my spelling is not getting corrected as much as usual.


In other news, devilmuse was online today, and we talked about A Shadow Over Slave Labour, the game the she and I will be co-running at ACN this september. I feel a bit less terrified about it now.

I think we hammered out the gist of all the characters, except for Jhonen... DM, will you have time to smash out that conversation into some notes, and send them to me somehow?

i think we can put enough hooks into the PCs to keep the players from just deciding to work together, and thus destroying the plot

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