Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Interview Meme

You know the drill - if you want questions, let me know and I'll give
you five.

From uniquecrash5

1. What are your favourite books to lend/reccommend?

Warren Ellis' Crooked Little Vein is the only book I've actually
bought a second copy of just so that I could lend it out. It really
is fantastic, especially when read aloud.

2. What old rpg character do you wish you could play in a game again?
Yog Sothoth, my character from the first Amber game I played in. He had a 1 point sentient tongue. And pathos. MUCH pathos.

3. If you had to be a stormtrooper/soldier in a fictional badguy's army, whose army would you choose, and why?
Well, definitely one with a decent health plan, and one after indoor
plumbing has been invented. Imperial Stormtrooper wouldn't be bad,
except for the whole clone thing. So

4. Given unlimited resources - time, money, manpower, expertise - what thing would you build?
A teleporter!

5. If steampunk becomes trendy like goth did, will you weep with joy
or recoil in horror? Bonus question: What will the Hot Topic
equivalent be called?

I will shrug in apathy. Clock Topic probably won't even open any
Canadian stores.

From sabotabby

1. If you had a band, what would it be called?
Brass Aerovelocipede? Or maybe Gnome Barbarian. Or possibly Shadow
of the Science Police.

2. What's your favourite club song?
Probably Combichrist's "This Shit Will Fuck You Up". It's great for
endorphin-surging high speed flailing. Similarly, stuff from Ministry
like "Just One Fix" or "NWO" are great.

3. What's better, rivets or buckles?
Buckles. If you rivet yourself into a pair of trousers, it is hard to
get back out again.

4. Do you get annoyed when people refer to great apes as monkeys?

Strangely, no. "Monkey" is just such an amusing word that I feel it
deserves a fair bit of leeway in casual conversation. Ook.

5. What's a better career: air piracy or disreputable science?

Disreputable science - the pay is better, and there's less chance of
maiming. When science goes bad, it goes *really* bad. Plus
disreputable scientists can just replace a lost limb in any number of
ways, while the air pirate just gets a peg leg that is also a machine
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