Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

oh, ugh.

Every now and then, I go through the fridge and get rid of stuff that has gone off.

Apparently, this time I waited too long.

Things I found in the fridge tonight:

  • two bunches of celery, one rubbery, the other mummified

  • a tub of hummus with an inch thick layer of something clear, yellow, thick and sticky on the outside of the lid

  • a jar of pickles with the lid only half screwed on

  • a bag of what was once carrots,gone black, sitting in 2 inches of black slime in the crisper drawer

  • a bag of grapes, 80% of which were now raisins

  • several containers of leftovers turned colours food should never be

  • some perfectly intact hot sauce I made a couple years ago

  • something dark and leathery in an unsealed package labelled sliced turkey

  • a dozen eggs in perfect condition, but poorly balanced on the shelf. I know have 5 eggs in a ziploc.

I should go back and scrub the shelves, but I am Done for the night.
Tags: food, gross, ick, it came from the fridge, oh dear gods!, wtf was that!?, yuck
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