Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


Weird dream last night.

I was in a sort of condo with a bunch of friends. It was Solstice, and we were all staying up all night. People were coming and going, and there was some kind of big street festival going on. There was also a heated pool in the condo building.

After a bit in the condo, a gf and I (not sure which one...) went out on the street. It was fun, but we ran into some bad people who were apparently on bad drugs. These people decided to mess with me. northbard was there, and he was scared of these guys - he apparently knew them, and they were bad news. I got chased by the bad guys, who were throwing stuff at me and threatening to beat me with billiard balls. They called me "Face" - like the guy from the A-Team, which, even in the dream, I thought was odd.

It was then revealed that the pool had been somehow spiked with acid or some other hallucinogen, and we'd all gotten dosed with it. So, in all probability, the bad guys weren't chasing me. In the dream, I had imagined the pursuit because I'd been drugged. Those of us in the pool were pretty pissed when we figured it out.

Thankfully I woke up before it got any more meta.
Tags: dreamtime

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