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Strange Images

First of all, the first set of pictures are scanned in, the ones from our hallowe'en party.

You can see them here:

There will soon be some more pictures added there, since Sean brought over Pete's pictures.

I found something a little odd in there; at one point, I was wearing various wigs. This bothers me. I don't like getting drunk enogh that there are parts of a night that I don't remember.

It's been a while since I've done this. A couple years, I think.

I've realised that I seem to drink much more than usual when I'm with the old high School crew. I have no idea why; it's not like I get anxious or nervous oranythign around them. Maybe it's habit from early in my drinking days, when I always drank heavily.

I think next time I hang out with the old crew I will make a point of drinking small amounts of booze, then stopping.

This makes it more likely that I will remember the entire party...

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