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NB: March is Bat Month at the ROM!

March is Bat Month! at the ROM. The new batcave opens this weekend.

I am half tempted to get dressed up at Batman and go down this weekend. Zil and I have memberships that let us bring in a guest each. The cape and cowl could use some maintenance anyway...

(Next week's post may involve discussion of bruises recieved battling the forces of evil. also known as the ROM's security...)


Mar. 1st, 2010 08:22 pm (UTC)
Bat Month!!!
I really, really want to take Aidan there. When g33kboi and I took him to the ROM back in December, we were very disappointed to find that the Bat Cave was closed for renovations.

But I told him at the time that we'd take him there again once it was open, and he's actually mentioned it a couple of times since. Kid's got an uncannily good memory for two and a half... (better than mine, sometimes, though that's saying very little)

Mind you, most often he's just referred to it as the "dinosaur bone museum", which shows what made the strongest impression on him while we were there, I suppose. But he likes bats, and I think he'd find the Bat Cave fun.

I have fond memories of my younger nephew Duncan, when he was just a little bit older than Aidan is now, maybe 3 or 4, jumping up and down in the part with the strobe light where they make it look as if bats are flying all around you, shouting "YAY! YAY!!! The bats are here! The bats are here!" Both he and his brother (who was around 6 at the time) insisted on going through the cave about 15 times before they'd move on to any other part of the museum. Sometimes the things that adults intend to be creepy are just awesomely cool to little kids.

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