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52 Weeks of Music and Lunch: week 2 (VNV Nation's Of Faith, Power and Glory)

The Food
Tuesday March 2nd

Leftover Oyako Don Buri

An old standard for Lizard and I. The name means something like "parent and child on rice", since it's got both chicken and egg. We've meddled with the traditional recipe over time to the point where someone from Japan would likely not recognize it as Oyako Don Buri, but we likes it. It's basically a broth of chicken stock, soy sauce and mirin with chicken, onion, scallion and mushrooms, and eggs dropped in to set at the end, served over rice. While one can make a vegetarian version with fake chicken, I haven't been impressed with any of those attempts. These leftovers are from the proper dead animal version.

It's salty and chewey and high in protein. The leftover container had enough broth that it's basically chicken soup. Delicious and satisfying. Ideally, it should have more vegetables in it for proper nutritional value, but it's tasty comfort food.

The Music

Album: VNV Nation's Of Faith, Power and Glory

Genre Much like Front242 created the term "EBM" to describe their sound, VNV Nation came up with "Futurepop" to describe themselves. The genre is basically the next generation of dark industrial synthpop. Still EBM, in other words.

Similar Bands: Apoptygma Berzerk, Assemblage 23, Ayria, Rotersand

Review: Exactly what I have come to expect from VNV Nation. A few heavy, dance tracks, a couple slow Sad Ronan Is Sad tracks, and a few poppier tracks. Unlike last week's pick, with VNV Nation it actually pays to listen to the lyrics. I've counted religious themes from at least three different faiths in previous albums. Thus far I've mostly picked up on the existential angst that tends to run through a lot of their lyrics.

One of the things that sets VNV apart from most of the rest of the genre is that one of the band's two members, Mark Jackson, actually plays drums - most EBM/Futurepop relies exclusively on drum machines.

All in all, a solid album that I am happy to have in regular rotation. Nothing surprising or mind-blowing, but not disappointing either. Some of the poppier tracks are a little too synthpop for my taste (Where There Is Light), but VNV Nation hasn't had a genre-shift the same way Apoptygma Berzerk had.

Playlist Potential Art of Conflict may make it on the workout playlist. VNV Nation is already pretty well represented there. Pro Victoria might wind up on the Nano-Victorian Future playlist.
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