Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

52 Weeks of Music and Lunch: week three (Aether Shanties by Abney Park)

The Food
Weds March 10

Fritatta with bacon, potato, cheese and arugula.

Delicious. I was worried that the serving was too small, but I feel full now. I got oil from the cheese in my beard, and now I keep getting faint whiffs of cheese-smells from my beard. I think I will wash my face before I do my workout at the gym.

The Music>Album</b>: Abney Park's Aether Shanties
Genre: Steampunk? Before this album, I would have described AP as basically Darkwave - goth rock in a post-Sisters of Mercy world. But this album really does diverge from that.
Similar bands: Tough call. Doctor Steel fits, actually. They used to be simlar to other Darkwave goth bands, but now? Whatever Steampunk music is, this is it.
Review: This is a big departure for Abney Park, musically speaking. Until the Day You Die sounds like the Triplets of Belleville meets Dr. Steel. AP are using a broader range of instruments - their synth set to sound like a piano, trumpet, and what is either a concertina or an accordian. It's a welcome splash of creativity and depth in my music collection, and more than I'd been expecting from this album.
Playlist potential: Definite potential for my Nano-Victorian Future playlist.

Bonus! I also picked up some free tracks from Skylight Glare, a local Toronto Electro-Industrial act. Solid, dancable stuff. If you're into that sort of thing, I'd strongly recommend checking it out. If you're a label, you should give them a pile of money and a contract.
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