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ACUS report

Slot 1: Agents of the Argent Rose

Candy cigarettes really did improve this game. It's set in 1920s era France ruled by Corwin, behind his Pattern. I play Fae envoy Lucien Charbonneau. In this episode, I interfered with dolphins and didn't quite cause a diplomatic incident. It has been determined that Lucien needs a Fae Zeppelin.

Slot 2: Nano-Victorian Future: On the Wings of Angels

Run by me. I thought this game went pretty well. I have enough of a grip on the setting and genre that it feels internally consistent to me at least. I couldn't find the right hook to get one of the 5 players snagged on the plot, but he didn't seem too disappointed. The players seemed to have fun, and silly quotes were generated, so I figure I did something right.

Slot 3: Major Hatreds and Petty Animosities

1920s again! This time, a political drama in the middle east. I played Gerard, and actually managed to play dumb(er) around the family while scheming in the background. Fav quote: "Did you know they mummified cats here? I mean, who mummifies cats?! "

Slot 4: Concerto of Crime

aka ZOD!: The Musical! Ridiculously silly fun with a small group that was all in the right mood for it. The game was short, which was actually what I, at least needed. Sleep is awesome.

Slot 5: Clandestine Chronicles of the Cobalt Charter

A secret team of women from across Shadow get together, outnumbered and outgunned, fighting for each other. Weird, action-packed and occasionally intense. I really love playing in Arref's games.

Slot 6: Where Angels Fear To Tread

More superheroes! This time, I played the Hulk. I got to spout my favourite Hulk joke one-liners (HULK HATE PERSONAL PRONOUNS!), and then at the end ended up wrapping up the plot with a surprise dramatic moment, with only a brief joke about purple pants.

Slot 7: Sleepers

I had to call this gamer about two hours in because I the con crud caught up with me, and I was just too sick to go on. I went off and napped for several hours instead.

Slot 8: Randy and G-Man's Excellent Adventure

A surprisingly low number of bees, this year.

Also, the big news is that ACN is coming back this year! It's moving to Markham, where it started out, but Markham has grown in the intervening years. More info to come, but local gamers, look closely at your schedules for September.



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Mar. 30th, 2010 05:02 am (UTC)

That reminds me of one of my favourite bits from The 3 Seas:

“...as I keep telling you, I didn’t have anything to do with her,” the shopkeeper was insisting frantically. “You can tell the guild that I didn’t buy, I didn’t sell, I didn’t trade...”

“As Tauri Quick-Claw keep telling, am not guild enforcer,” a gruff voice replied. “Not care what manner of business had...”

“No manner of business! None at all! I turned her out.”

“Dislike repeating self. Forget which words omitted or elided first time around. Appears inconsistent. Makes idiosyncratic speech pattern seem shallow, affected. Not good for image. Image suffers, everyone suffers. Understand?”
Mar. 30th, 2010 01:32 pm (UTC)
THE cow on THE wall! And it's not a cow, it's a moose!
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