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52 Weeks of Music and Lunch: weeks 4, 5 and 6

Rötersand's Random is Resistance, MFG's Message From God and Memmaker's How To Enlist in a Robot Uprising.

I wrote out the full posts for weeks 3 and 4 only to have them vanish when I hit R while over a text field in w3m - I forgot to "enter" the text field first, so that was "refresh" instead. So I'm now recreating those reviews and adding in week 5.

Week 4


PC chicken korma while home sick on a Tuesday. Not bad, but could have used some vegetables.


Album:Rötersand's Random is Resistance

Genre: EBM/Futurepop

Similar Bands: Rötersand are a lot like VNV Nation. Except (I believe) German, so while thought is still put into lyrics, there are occasional tranlastion weirds like "as you fulfill my craves". The rest of the Futurepop/EBM crowd falls in as similar, too - Covenant, Apoptygma Berzerk, etc.

Review: Much like the new VNV, RiR has a few high energy dance songs, a couple slow sad songs, and a bit that's more poppy than I prefer. The only track that really stood out for me was War On Error, and even then, I preferred the Declaration remix off the EP to the main album version.

Playlist Potential: I might go back and dig out somethign for the Workout mix.

Week 5


PBJ - PC all natural peanut butter, strawberry jam and multigrain bread. A quick lunch on Good Friday before heading out to Woodstock (no, not the interesting one).


Album:MFG's Message From God

Genre: Psytrance. Which is yet another electronic music genre. Described by its detractors as the most emotionless and soulless of the various branches of electronica. There is a degree of truth to that - while Industrial can often be described as Angry or Sad, and a Happy Hardcore is, well, Happy, Psytrance doesn't really have a dominant emotional theme. The dominant sensation is basically "motion". Which means it's great to dance to. In the "X people doing Y with computers" notation, Psytrance could be described as "Hippies doing drugs with thier computers".

Similar Bands: Infected Mushroom more or less define the Psytrance genre. Other similar sounding bands include various artist on a free compilation corbet pointed me at years back with names like "Troll Scientists" and "Astroschnauzzer".

Review: It goes doof, oontz, and occasionally tweet, with plenty of echo effect. Very little lyrics, and most of that is samples. It's just the sort of music to dance to for several hours, zone out and let the endorphins carry you. It's music that doesn't demand direct attention while still making me want to move. Exactly the sort of thing I've been looking for to fill in gaps in my music collection.

Playlist Potential: Oddly enough, I don't have a Rave playlist. It's too mellow for Workout, and too energetic for Meditation, Peace or Bedtime. It'll get picked up by the smart playlists for electronica (OontzOontz and DoofDoof - the latter includes synthpop and a couple other things the former excludes).

Week 6


Was going to be daal with fried onions, spinach and peas over rice. When I opened the container fter nuking it, it was clear by smell that the rice has gone off, so lunch went into the trash. Which is too bad - the daal was good on Sunday night. I'm going to buy new music anyway. It's the thought that counts? Stupid rice.


Album:Memmaker's How To Enlist in a Robot Uprising

Genre: Electro-Industrial? Techno Industrial? Something like that. Definitely darker and more aggressive in sound than Psytrance, anyway.

Similar Bands: Apparently, Valium Era - I grabbed some free Valium Era from their website at about the same time, and had a hard time telling which one I was listening to.

Review: Heavily dancable, minimal lyrics. I grabbed this album because one of thier tracks, Energon3 sounded great on ISN radio. I was somewhat disappointed when I realised that the track I loved was a remix, and the original doesn't have Optimus Prime samples in it. That said, it's decent album that I have no regrets about aquiring.

Playlist Potential: Get Your Ass To Mars might end up on the Workout playlist.

I think I might need a source of new music that's not Industrial for a little while.
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