Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

52 Weeks of Music and Lunch: week 8 (And One's Bodypop)

The Food

Oyako Don Buri; again, chicken and egg in soy sauce broth over rice. This time we supplemented with veggies stir fried with sake and light soy sauce.

Adding in the veggies really rounds out the meal. I think we did a better job with the broth this time 'round, too.

The Music

Album: And One's Bodypop

Genre: EBM/Synthpop.

Similar Bands: Several of the songs could pass for Depeche Mode in dim light. Other similar bands include Covenant and Beborn Beton.

Review: I grabbed this album because it has club hit Military Fashion Show on it. I've had mixed success with And One in the past - on the strength of Get You Closer and thier remix of Project Pitchfork's Timekiller, I picked up Anguish, and was underwhelmed. Bodypop, however, delivers exactly what the album title promises - dancable synth pop. Light and fun, at least for the kind of music I listen to - this isn't Kylie Mingue or Lady Gaga.

Playlist Potential: Military Fashion Show will probably start creeping in all over. The rest will just be a good background for the Oontz Oontz and Doof Doof playlists.
Tags: 52 weeks of music and lunch, food, musik

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