Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

52 Weeks of Music and Lunch: week 9 (Mind.In.A.Box's Retro)


Pasta with chicken, spinach and sun-dried tomato. And a little chicen stock to round out the sauce. Delicious! And the leftovers ended up having a lot of chicken, since it had drifted to the bottom of the pot when we first made it. So, yummy AND healthy.


Album:'s R.E.T.R.O.

Genre: Is C64 pop a genre? Video game bleep/bloop music.

Similar Bands: Stuff from the demo scene - blockparty type stuff. Vaguely similar to Ladytron and Freezepop.

Review: I yet again picked up an album based on a track I heard via @ISNradio; "8 Bits Are Enough For ME". The rest of the album is less club-friendly, but still good stuff. It bleeps and bloops, and there are heavily vocodered lyrics on many of the tracks. It's a lot less aggressive than most of my music, and more comtemplative. It doesn't have the momentum that psytrance music has. Which, come to think of it, may contribute to my frustrating discovery at Notacon that hackers do not dance.

Playlist Potential: Not quite sure. A couple tracks might be candidates for Bedtime. I don't really have a good niche for bleep-bloop stuff as yet. 8 Bits should probably be on a driving mix.
Tags: 52 weeks of music and lunch, food, musik

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